Final Bout Prep

We are down to the last month trying getting our cars finished and ready for Final Bout 2. Paint should have been done before the season started but money and wanting to drive more than anything else really held us back.
My car is undergoing a bunch of changes. Im running 18″ rear wheels, BN type 3 aero, going back to metal front fenders and building some Blitz 03’s as my main wheels.
Justin is running Origin Labo type 3 front fenders on his silvia to make the Wisefab fitment less ridiculous. He is still running BN type 2 aero and adding a roof wing, everything else is pretty much the same with his setup.
Our other team mate Scott who is joining us forĀ our trip to Wisconsin, is the one who has a lot of work to get done. His car was pretty much no where near completion, so he has been working day and night getting his whole build done in one month. He has a S13 Silvia with Origin Labo type 3 overs, Wisefab, and is running a RB20DET to name a few things.

We will be painting our cars this week, looking to have at least 2 out of 3 done in 1 week. This is a very stressful month for all of us, but we cant wait to be at Club FR surrounded by people keeping the style alive in this country.

Words & Pictures by: Frankie Bovino

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