East Coast Bash 2015

Club Loose East Coast Bash was just as awesome as it is every year. This is the best grassroots drift event in the country and we are so lucky to be able to take part in it. If there is one event you should try and make, its this one.

This year was looking promising because of the few local teams that got their cars done so they could come out and shred with everyone. We got to drive with Colin from Road Party and Tom from Front Street Drift Club all weekend. It was a blast to finally be driving with some more awesome cars/dudes instead of just each other and the few others we drive with regularly.
Saturday went well for the most part, cars stayed together all day until the right before the last heat when I found out my clutch fan decided to suck something up and throw it at my radiator. We tried to fix it real quick with some JB weld so i could get out for the last session, but it wasnt holding up. That really killed me because the last heat of ECB Saturday is really the big show for everyone. I had to sit that one out and try to figure out what I was gonna do about my car. Luckily Justin’s car was good to go and I heard he put on a good show for everyone.

The next morning I really wanted to drive so I found a Koyo radiator and used my teammate Jesse’s clutch fan from his s13 for the day, mine was seized up. Justin’s car was good to go so we had a awesome time driving on Sunday.

Only problems the whole weekend included Justin’s wastegate line popping off, my radiator cracking, and a mystery oil leak that I still need to find. Overall I have to say it was a good weekend and we cant wait for next year. Hopefully our cars will actually be completed for once.


Thanks to everyone who came out and made this ECB one to remember. I dont have much media from this event so i just added some pictures that our friend Connor Croak took that weekend.

Words by: Frankie Bovino
Pictures by: Connor Croak

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