Troy’s 180sx: Part 1

Recently I received an email from a customer interested in a GReddy front mount intercooler kit for his 180sx. I shot him back a price and he was so stoked to hear that I had the intercooler in stock that he was going to come pick it up the next day. Following day comes and I get to meet Troy in person and learn about his company “”. This is a website where you can find that awesome JDM car you’ve been looking for, very easily. It’s basically a craigslist for imported vehicles. Continue reading

Super D Matsuri 2018

Among the endless sea of sand and tumbleweeds in the eastern California desert lies a seemingly insignificant strip of tarmac. Through the barren lands opposite of the dirt covered mountains, we drive into treacherous unpaved territory to take part in the carnage that will forever be remembered as Super D Matsuri. Continue reading